Armen Sardaryan

Program Manager

Armen Sardaryan graduated from Yerevan State University (YSU), Mathematics Department in 1991. During 1994-1997, he went through an MBA program at the American University of Armenia (AUA). The emphasis of the Program has been Executive Management, with a minor in Economics. Since 2002, Armen studied MA in Economics at Central Michigan University, MI, USA. The Program has been rigorous on math models and their applications in Economics. The major field of study has been Development Economics. Specialised in chaos theory and its applications in the stock markets, international trade, and government policies leading to economic development; Excellent academic performance with a US government fellowship. A recipient of the Edmond Muskie Fellowship award (2002-2004). A recipient of the University Teaching Fellowship (2006). Since May 2022 works as a Program Manager at CSIE Foundation. Managing Programs’ objectives; managing CSIE Aerial Robotics and UAV lab and its Educational and Research components; working with the CSIE Senior Team towards the development of the field in Armenia and creating an ecosystem locally; organising workshops and seminars for internationally recognised outstanding scholars and prominent scientist of Armenian descent from top world universities.